Whitaker hired as Ambulatory Supervisor

Kerri Whitaker, an ASCP-certified phlebotomist, was hired as an Ambulatory Supervisor on Oct. 9, 2023, to oversee the Psychiatry Clinic care staff.

Whitaker came to psychiatry after working in a similar role in the Nebraska Medicine Immediate Care Clinic. In her new role, she will, among other things, coordinate the schedules of the care staff, which includes nurses, PCTs, and medical receptionists, and supervise Psychiatry Clinic care staff at Poynter Hall, Home Instead Center for Successful Aging (HICSA), and the Intensive Outpatient clinic.

Whitaker said one of the reasons she moved from immediate care to psychiatry was a chance to help staff members reach career goals.

“At my previous job, ICC was the second job for the staff. They would work somewhere else during the day. Here, with less staff, I feel there are real opportunities to learn about people and their goals,” she said. “I love to hear people’s stories and play a role in their growth and development. Right now, I’m trying to get to know my staff so I can see what they really want to do.”

Whitaker said she has been able to hit the ground running because everyone has been so helpful.

“At other places, I felt like people were around to help, but I really see that here,” she said. “Everyone means it here. When I first started, I would walk around and say, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ and multiple people were willing to help. With their support, I was able to get off to a great start.”

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