Becker’s Hospital Review gives high marks to Psychiatry Clinic

Becker’s Hospital Review named the Nebraska Medicine Department of Psychiatry as one of the top 36 psychiatry and mental health programs in the United States. 

Becker’s Hospital Review is a leading hospital magazine for business news and healthcare system analysis. According to its website, the magazine’s editors recognized the Nebraska Medicine Department of Psychiatry and 35 others for understanding that mental health is just as integral to overall wellbeing as physical health, provide services that support patients’ psychiatric, emotional and behavioral needs. These programs blend medication, education, therapy, and novel treatment methods to address this critical yet often overlooked healthcare demand. 

On the website, Becker’s wrote: 

Nebraska Medicine’s outpatient psychiatry clinic provides evidence-based treatment for patients with anxiety disorders, pregnant and postpartum women, people with intellectual disabilities, and those with addiction and psychotic disorders. It also features the only intensive outpatient program for obsessive-compulsive disorder in Nebraska. The anxiety clinic utilizes virtual reality for immersive exposure therapy for patients with medically relevant claustrophobia, which helps prepare patients for MRIs, deep brain stimulation surgery, and CPAP machines. The Active Support for Psychosis in Recovery program provides the full spectrum of psychotherapeutic, psychiatric, and medical interventions proven effective in fostering a holistic recovery from psychotic illness and associated physical health problems. Additionally, it is the first program in the U.S. to offer behavioral family therapy, which supports families affected by psychosis. The team provides care for adults with developmental disabilities and uses telehealth to service 40 nursing homes across the state. The program also opened a 12-room psychiatric emergency services facility in 2020 to meet the emergent mental health needs of the Omaha metro area, providing care to individuals with an acute mental health crisis in a dedicated safe, trauma-informed and compassionate environment.

Department of Psychiatry Chair Howard Liu, MD, MBA, said there are so many people to thank for this article highlighting the department’s clinical excellence in Becker’s Hospital Review, including the Nebraska Medicine marketing and communications team, Adult Psychiatrist Melissa O’Dell, MD; Psychologist Justin Weeks, PhD and PES Clinic Manager Jennifer Sparrock, LIMHP.

“This award really means a lot to everyone who works so hard to provide outstanding care across all of our settings,” Liu said. “Of course, the article only scratches the surface of the dozens of outstanding clinical programs across our behavioral health service line, and this is a proud day for our department and Nebraska Medicine.”

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