Addiction Treatment Clinic continues growth

The Department of Psychiatry’s Addiction Treatment Clinic continues to grow.

This spring, the Addiction Treatment Clinic (ATC) added services to help meet the ever-growing need for co-occurring treatment in our community. 

In March, Raelyn Bracht, LIMHP, and Simon Brummond, LIMHP, started the Co-occurring Comprehensive Treatment (CCT) program. The 10-week program was established for patients struggling with substance use disorder(s) and another psychiatric disorder(s). Each week, the patient will have two hours of group therapy and one hour of individual therapy. The group therapy uses a Wiley Practice Planners Addiction Treatment Homework Planner curriculum by Brenda S. Lenz, Arthur E Jongsma, Jr., and James R. Finely.  Individual therapy is based on the patient’s goals using the evidence-based therapy modality the therapist recommends.

CCT is adding to the ATC’s continuum of care. This service may be a step down for patients not ready to go from the Department of Psychiatry’s Intensive Outpatient Program’s 12 hours a week to outpatient therapy (typically 1 hour per week). Debi Pittock, LICSW, Ambulatory Supervisor for Clinical Therapists, said the service could also be for patients who need more than the typical 1-hour therapy but cannot participate or don’t need a 12-hour therapy intensive service.

“It’s for people who are doing all of their responsibilities in life but still struggle with the symptoms of their mental health and substance use disorders,” Bracht added. 

People in the CCT meet via telehealth for three hours a week (two hours in group and one hour in one-on-one therapy). 

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