Four receive Escape Fire Patient Safety Award

On January 26, the Department of Psychiatry handed out four Escape Fire Patient Safety awards. The awards were presented to faculty, staff or trainees who go above and beyond to improve systems of patient care in our department by analyzing service quality, implementing QI projects, and seeking opportunities to improve safety. 

Here are this year’s recipients:

Doug Coffey, RN, MSN

Doug consistently takes accountability for the many environmental needs of the unit to ensure we are safe and able to respond to emergent needs as they arise. 

  • Jennifer Sparrock, LICSW, PES Manager

Lauren Edwards, MD

I think it goes without say that Dr. Lauren Edwards should receive the patient safety and quality award. Shortly after her arrival at UNMC she identified patient quality concerns and spearheaded the development of a workgroup which ultimately led to the formal Patient Safety and Quality Committee of the Department, which she chairs. She was integral to introducing quarterly Morbidity & Mortality Conferences to the department and she oversees the QI efforts of residents and fellows as they seek to analyze service quality to enhance patient safety. Her dedication to improving processes that will benefit the quality of care our patients receive is admirable and inspiring. Most remarkable of all, she leads these efforts in addition to her many other responsibilities such as being medical director of the subspecialty Anxiety Disorders Clinic!

  • Alëna Balasanova, MD

Melissa Allison, PA-C

Melissa has been an incredible addition to outpatient clinic in the last two years, and it wasn’t surprising to see that with her heart for patient care and intellect about health systems that she was doing a lot of patient safety and quality work integrated into her day-to-day work.

  • Lauren Edwards, MD

Kenneth Zoucha, MD

Dr. Zoucha is a leader who manifests the idea patient safety and quality work can be integrated into what we’re already doing every day with clinical care. He is constantly thinking about how to better serve his patients and is implementing these efforts within his division. He brings his thoughtful and compassionate leadership to the PSQ committee every month to help the department advance its efforts, as well.

  • Lauren Edwards, MD

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