Five receive Reba Benschoter Inspirational Leadership Award

On January 26, the Department of Psychiatry handed out five Reba Benschoter Inspirational Leadership awards. The awards were presented to faculty, staff or trainees who exemplify a spirit of leadership, innovation and integrity which inspires others.

This year’s recipients are:

Caroline Davenport

Caroline Davenport is a leader in her department. She has taken on a leadership role when there was a need for direction.

  • Ali Krause, RN, BSN

Matthew Kelly, MD

Dr. Kelly exemplifies what it means to be a chief resident.  He has a nuanced and respectful way of advocating for residents while proactively addressing concerns about resident performance.  Clinically, he models a high standard of taking personal responsibility for patient care, attention to detail, and team care for his fellow residents while at the same time being a pleasure to work with.  I base this nomination not only on my experience working with him, but also on the almost ubiquitous praise I hear about Dr. Kelly from residents, students, faculty members, and a wide range of other clinical support staff.

  • David Taylor, MD

Danielle Myers, LMHP

Danielle returned to IOP to find it in a different state than what it was when she completed her practicum.  She reached out for support and took on a leadership role she was not expecting as a new member of the team.  She showed a lot of perseverance through this process and helped bring IOP to where it is today. 

  • Debi Pittock, Ambulatory Supervisor, Clinical Therapists

Melissa O’Dell, MD

Over the last year Dr. O’Dell has worked to bring a number of talented people together to provide group therapy, advanced training, and funding for projects to advance the mission of the ASPIRE Clinic. I always leave meetings with Dr. O’Dell excited to do my job, and her leadership means a lot to me and the others that work with her.

  • David McCann, LIMHP  

Sara Zachman, MD, MPH

Sara has exhibited the quiet leadership that encourages others to follow by way of attraction to the project. She inspired us all to dig and become better educators.  

  • Ken Zoucha, MD, Addiction Division Director

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