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Consumer Health Tips: Information Resources for Men’s Health

June is Men’s Health Month and raises awareness of preventable health problems. Take this time to encourage the men and boys in your life to seek regular medical care and early treatment for injury and disease. If you are looking for good health websites to share with your community, we have some resources for you! Check out the links below for information on screenings, healthy eating, mental health, and more.

This website is provided by the National Library of Medicine for patients and their families and friends. Information is easy-to-read and covers 1,000 health topics. Here are links to pages focused on men’s health:

Men’s Health Network 
Men’s Health Network is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to men and boys and their families. The website includes an A to Z list of information on health problems that men and boys experience, links for free healthcare services, an online support group, and fact sheets on men’s health.

Young Men’s Health 
This website is provided by Boston Children’s Hospital for teen boys, young men, and parents. The goal is to empower young men to take control of their own health. The site includes information on general, sexual and emotional health.  There is also information on nutrition and specific diseases common among young men.

National Institute on Mental Health: Men and Mental Health 
This website is provided by the National Institutes of Health and includes information on mental health disorders that are common among men. The site highlights web resources, booklets, apps, and crisis phone numbers.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health: Men’s Health 
This website is provided by the National Institutes of Health. It includes an overview of health conditions common among men, and a summary of the research on complementary health approaches to treating those conditions.

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