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New books added to the collection in March

  • Bacteria : the benign, the bad, and the beautiful  by Trudy M.  Wassenaar ; illustrations, Karoly Farkas ; with photographs by  Eshel Ben Jacob QW 50 W321b 2012
  • Behavioral approaches to chronic disease in adolescence a guide to integrative care editors, William T. O’Donohue, Lauren Woodward Tolle WS 460 B4193 2009
  • Blood and marrow transplant handbook: comprehensive guide for patient care [edited by] Richard T. Maziarz, Susan Slater WH 39 B6551 2011
  • Brain tumors: an encyclopedic approach  edited by Andrew H. Kaye, Edward R. Laws WL 358 B81345 2011
  • Bronchial asthma: a guide for practical understanding and  treatment edited by M. Eric Gershwin, Timothy E. Albertson WF 553 B8685 2011
  • Clinical aspects of electroporation Stephen T. Kee, Julie Gehl,  Edward W. Lee, editors QZ 266 C6413 2011
  • Clinical sleep disorders editors, Paul R. Carney, James D.  Geyer, Richard B. Berry WM 188 C641 2012
  • Disposition of toxic drugs and chemicals in man, Randall C.  Baselt QV 38 B299d 2011
  • Elsevier’s Integrated review. Biochemistry John W. Pelley QU 4 P389b 2012
  • Elsevier’s integrated review. Genetics Linda R. Adkison QZ 50 A236e 2012
  • Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice Marie Boltz … [et al.], editors WY 152 G371 2012
  • Faith community nursing: scope and standards of practice Health Ministries Association WY 87 H434f 2012
  • Health physics and radiological health [edited by] Thomas E.  Johnson, Brian K. Birky ; consulting editor, Bernard Shleien WN 16 H4341 2012
  • The human nervous system edited by Jurgen K. Mai, George  Paxinos. WL 101 H918 2012
  • Injection techniques in musculoskeletal medicine: a practical manual for clinicians in primary and secondary care Stephanie Saunders, Steve Longworth ; foreword by Elaine Hay WE 39 S2571i 2012
  • Insulin-like growth factors and cancer: from basic biology to therapeutics Derek LeRoith, editor WK 515 I576 2012
  • NANDA International nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2012-2014 edited by T. Heather Herdman WY 100 N176 2012
  • Neuroscience editors, Dale Purves … [et al.] WL 102 N4993 2012
  • Pain management [edited by] Steven D. Waldman WL 704 P14431 2011
  • Primer of biostatistics Stanton A. Glantz  WA 950 G545p 2012
  • Schiff’s Diseases of the liver edited by Eugene R. Schiff, Willis C. Maddrey, Michael F. Sorrell WI 700 D615 2012
  • Stahl’s Essential psychopharmacology:  the prescriber’s guide. Antidepressants Stephen M. Stahl ; editorial assistant, Meghan  M. Grady ; with illustrations by Nancy Muntner  QV 39 S7811e 2011
  • Teaching in nursing: a guide for faculty [edited by] Diane M.  Billings, Judith A. Halstead WY 18 T2533 2012
  • Textbook of family medicine edited by Robert E. Rakel, David P. Rakel, WB 110 T355 2011
  • The Textbook of spinal surgery editors in chief, Keith H. Bridwell, Ronald L. DeWald ; associate editors, Peter  Angevine … [et al.] ; managing editor for Dr. Bridwell, Theresa  M. Iffrig WE 725 T355 2011
  • Tietz textbook of clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics  [edited by] Carl A. Burtis, Edward R. Ashwood, David E. Bruns QY 90 T355 2012
  • Transfusion medicine Jeffrey McCullough WB 356 M133b 2012
  • Treating substance abuse: theory and technique edited by Scott  T. Walters, Frederick Rotgers, WM 270 T7819 2012
  • Understanding pathophysiology [edited by] Sue E. Huether,  Kathryn L. McCance ; section editors, Valentina L. Brashers, Neal S. Rote QZ 4 H8903u 2012
  • Yao & Artusio’s anesthesiology: problem-oriented patient  management editor-in-chief, Fun-Sun F. Yao ; associate editors,  Vinod Malhotra, Manuel L. Fontes WO 218.2 A532 2012

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