Author: Kalani Simpson

Dr. Haorah goes to school

When James Haorah was 11 years and 5 months old, a Catholic priest walked for seven miles to get to the village in remote northeast India where young James lived. It was a momentous day, and the priest was feted with great fanfare. This was partly a sign of deep respect, for a visiting dignitary, […]

Sep 20, 2012

M1 Caleb Baber: Unbroken stride

Hear the story of Caleb Baber, M1, and it’s tough to fight the lump in your throat: How he was shocked with 69,000 volts and almost died; how he spent 59 days in a burn unit and lost both legs just below the knees … and then made a mission trip to India, ran a […]

Sep 12, 2012

All hail the EVS staff!

“Approve and Post.” The phrase dominated my Monday as I clicked that option nearly 200 times in the UNMC Today database for comments our employees made on the UNMC Today story about an EVS appreciation contest. The contest – held in recognition of National Healthcare Environmental Services Week – was simple. Employees were asked to […]

Sep 10, 2012

Dr. Crouse and the Mustang

When David Crouse, Ph.D., was in his last year of college, in 1965, he took the nest egg he’d been saving and bought a Ford Mustang, brand new. It was perfect, custom ordered. He still remembers it coming off the truck. “It was burgundy, with a black vinyl top,” he said. He clicked a roll […]

Aug 26, 2012