Author: Kalani Simpson

M2 makes “buddies” through Peds interest group

By Daniel Regier, second-year medical student The Hospital Buddies program through the Pediatric Interest Group is a great program for any student who thinks they might be interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics, or simply wants to give back to children who are experiencing illness in their lives. My experience with the program has […]

Mar 14, 2017

Friends fuel Nancy Armitage professorship

Tom Lutsey, of Green Bay, Wis., gets emotional when he talks about hosting James Armitage, M.D., and Dr. Armitage’s wife, Nancy, at a Green Bay Packers game. “It was just so great to be able to show my boys who saved my life,” he said. But he wasn’t just talking about Dr. Armitage, who treated […]

Dec 21, 2016

UNMC alum helped make brain discovery featured in the movie ‘Concussion’

Ronald Hamilton, M.D., UNMC College of Medicine, class of 1989, describes what happened this way: “My student handed me a small pebble, and said, ‘Is this what I think it is?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ And I threw the pebble to the ground. “And it started an avalanche.” It did. The “pebble” turned out to […]

Jul 22, 2016

The lady in the dungeon

Phyllis Carter, when reached by phone, does not sound like a lady in a dungeon. Instead, she sounds sweet and nice, and so for a minute I hesitate to even bring it up, even though it’s the whole reason I am calling. “Uh, do you know that people call you ‘the lady in the dungeon’?” […]

Jul 1, 2016