All hail the EVS staff!

“Approve and Post.”

The phrase dominated my Monday as I clicked that option nearly 200 times in the UNMC Today database for comments our employees made on the UNMC Today story about an EVS appreciation contest.

The contest – held in recognition of National Healthcare Environmental Services Week – was simple. Employees were asked to name and say a few kind words about their favorite EVS workers. The EVS worker who generated the most comments would win the contest and get a $30 gift card to the Midtown crossing eatery, Crave.

Tomas Vizcaya-Landaverde generated more than 40 comments from UNMC employees who love the work he does for them.

Tomas Vizcaya-Landaverde – an Environmental Services employee who works on the fourth-floor of the Medical Science Building – received more than 40 comments/votes to win the contest.

The comments that Vizcaya-Landaverde generated alone would have made Monday’s item the “most commented-on” story in the history of UNMC Today.

But then more than 150 others commented, too.

This is our Zonia. She’s the best. We don’t care what you all say.

Me personally, I voted for Craig Lainson and Zonia Nazaruk, who totally kick butt up here in the 4230 Building. My coworkers and I can’t see how any other EVS workers even compare to Zonia and Craig.

But one look at the infinite scroll of comments shows that you all feel the same way about your office’s EVS workers, too.

To be honest, I was thrilled to have my Monday plans washed away by the steady stream of Outlook notices that told me more people had more nice things to say about the EVS workers who do so much to make our work lives better.

It was one of my favorite days as editor of UNMC Today, actually.

We’ll do more this week to recognize our EVS staff but if you get a chance today, take a look at the comments from Monday’s story.

Furthermore, if you see any of the EVS workers who were lauded in there, bring them over to your desk and let them see what people said about them.

They work hard and they deserve to know how we feel about them.


  1. Lucie Case says:

    This was a wonderful opportunity to recognize

    some of the hardest workers at UNMC. I have had many patients comment on how professional, caring and hard working our EVS team is!

  2. Lisa Chudomelka says:

    Chuck Brown’s in-box is broken. IT needs to get on it. A bunch of us voted for Rose MIlan and didn’t seem to make it through the approve and post process.

    1. Nicole Lindquist says:

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll check on it!

  3. Diane says:

    What a great idea to help recognize the hard work that the EVS team does for all of us every day!

  4. Jacqueline Pavlik says:

    I don’t think you did enough Approve and Post. It is unfortunate that more of the comments that were submitted yesterday were not shown to the campus community for the EVS staff. Was there a limit that you planned to post. I’m sure if 5 people in our laboratory didn’t have their comments posted then there are scores of praise from across campus that didn’t reach the EVS on your story.

    The EVS is an essential part of our team and we will continue to let them know personally, because the effort put forth by this story was a failure.

  5. What a great idea to recognize the great staff who often get overlooked!

  6. Chuck Brown says:

    We’ve checked with ITS and there was a glitch with the story that caused about 17 comments to get lost in the system. We apologize if your comment was among them. Unfortunately, we cannot recover the comments but you are welcome to resubmit them now as the glitch has been remedied. — UNMC Today

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