Interviewing Tips

Nearing the successful completion of graduate school? Now it’s time to tackle the seemingly daunting task of applying for jobs. In addition to preparing your resume, an interview is a chance to highlight your skills and sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

Interviewing Tips

  • Prepare for the “tell me about yourself” question.

  • Do your homework and learn about the company.

  • Ask questions about the company, culture, and position.

  • Provide examples using prior experiences, go beyond the resume.

  • Practice your responses. Alumni, mentors, and professors can be great resources for mock interviews.

Other helpful hints. Think of the interview as a conversation. Remember, you already know all the answers, you lived them already.
It’s time to show everyone how great you are!

– Michele Kassmeier, MPH, PA-C ’11, ’12

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