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Taking the lead from Kyle Meyer, PhD

According to Dean of the College of Allied Health Professions Kyle P. Meyer, PhD, leadership is as much art as science, “equally magnificent and vexing.”  

To help new leaders navigate that complicated landscape, Dr. Meyer and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Spiro Coaching Institute, Rob Kramer recently authored a book, Taking the Lead: A Guide for Emerging Leaders in Academic Medical Centers.   

Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, applauded the work, noting, “I have long thought that a guide for emerging leaders in academic healthcare has been a critically important topic and indeed, in so many groups that I participate in, the concept of future leaders and the development of leadership skills has been ranked one of the top, if not the single largest, challenge that we face going into the future.”  

As the authors note, the book is not intended to be a “how to” book. Rather, the authors present their perspectives and insights on an array of leadership related themes through the lens of their over 60-years of combined experience. The book presents several unique topics, including the organizational milieu of the academic medical center, the impact of clinical decision-making on leadership decision-making, the value of “invisible” leadership, and dealing with betrayal, to name but a few.  

Meyer and Kramer provide both conceptual and practical guidance for individuals in academic medical centers interested in pursuing a leadership role or those within the first few years of assuming that role. But many of the insights could apply to any leadership position. And in typical Meyer style, the book is conversational and peppered with a bit of humor.   

Linda Love, EdD, UNMC Director of Faculty Development noted, “Every generation of leaders has had to refine its approaches based on the needs of the day—and now is no different. Some would argue it’s even more complex, now. Taking the Lead is a sage collection of insights on thought-provoking leadership themes that is useful to aspiring leaders, as well as those in mentoring and coaching roles with new leaders.  Moreover, it is a reflective opportunity for every leader, as they consider where they have been, and how they want to calibrate their leadership approaches for today’s world.” 

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  1. Wayne Mathews says:

    Having been the beneficiary of Dean Meyer’s pragmatic style of leadership, and with a ringside seat as he guided the College of Allied Health into prominence and growth, I look forward to perusing this book. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom, Dean Meyer.

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