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New Room for Genetic Counseling Students

by Jessie Poskochil | First-Year Student, Genetic Counseling

As we get back into the habit of early mornings, classmate collaboration, and increasing our productivity from winter break, a refreshing new classroom brings energy and excitement to our spring routine.

This new space was designed for the Genetic Counseling Education Program to have a place to call home and part of a larger space plan to meet the growing needs of all the programs within the College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP). Our new classroom is on the sixth floor of Bennett Hall, a building that houses the CAHP. Our program director (Holly), assistant program director (Sara), and program coordinator (Melanie) have their offices on the 4th floor of Bennett Hall in suite that includes a welcome area with chairs and a loveseat.

When you enter the room, you are greeted by four windows that provide a glance of the university campus. Students can gather at one of the four tables equipped with charging docks and comfortable office chairs. A whiteboard rests on the west wall for brainstorming ideas, while an 83” TV lives on the south wall to utilize during presentations. My favorite aspect of the room is the natural light that floods in from the tall windows.

The impact of your surroundings highly affects your productivity. While some classrooms can be prone to distractions, it is easy to focus in this room. This room is light and airy, filling you with motivation. The tables and chairs can be quickly moved to create partner stations or one large area for communication and debate. Overhead cameras, microphones, and speakers allow for specialists across the continent to video conference with the group. All these factors are conducive to an engaging learning environment.

The students are now in session, and the research juices are flowing! Come visit the genetic counseling students in our new location of Bennett Hall 6002!

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