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PA student completes U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Tessa Stoltenburg at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

The Atlanta, Georgia course was a very hilly, very windy, and warm 26.2 miles. Warm by Nebraska standards, at least.

Tessa Stoltenburg, UNMC physician assistant student and runner, finished the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday in 336th place for women in a time of 2:57:49.

“It was one of the hardest races I have ever run,” said Tessa. “Crossing the finish line feels like an incredible accomplishment, and it was an honor to race with the top women in the nation!”

Tessa went on to say it was a very memorable weekend with her coach, her team, and her family and friends. “This was great racing experience, as I am a young competitor, and I’m already looking forward to what I can do in 2024.”

So what’s in store now that the race is run?

“It’s a busy and difficult week as I adjust back to PA school while recovering with a sore body and very wobbly legs,” she said, “however, I’m very thankful that my faculty are willing to support my Olympic dream.”

No wonder they’re supportive; Tessa didn’t miss a beat. Since all runners were required to be in Atlanta early for logistics, she tuned in to her PA class via video conference the day before the race. With that sort of commitment, she’s bound for great things.

Read Tessa’s story about qualifying for the race in a previous blog post here.

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