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Diagnosing with the Cyto Stars: UNMC Cytotechnology faculty at annual meeting

Amber Donnelly, PhD, MPH, SCT(ASCP), will be the moderator for one of the biggest and most entertaining sessions at the American Society of Cytopathology annual meeting in Salt Lake City, UT – the Diagnostic Cytology Seminar, November 14-17, 2019. This year’s ASC Diagnostic Cytology Seminar (DCS) will have the theme “Diagnosing with the Cyto Stars.”

“Although it may not have the glitz and glamour of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” says Dr. Donnelly, “ASC’s Diagnosing with the Cyto Stars will be thought-provoking and perplexing for those brave panelists who take on the challenge of diagnosing some puzzling cases.”

In addition, Maheswari Mukherjee, PhD, MSc, BPT, CT(ASCP), was selected to give a platform presentation on her research, Eye Tracking in Cytotechnology Education: “Visualizing” Students Becoming Experts, at the meeting.

Dr. Donnelly will also be presenting at this year’s Strategies in Cytotechnology Education, which highlights four important areas that focus on the continued advancements recognized in the Cytology profession.

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