University of Nebraska Medical Center

Education Technology Collaboration (ETC) Special Interest Group

Want to learn how colleagues are experimenting and implementing educational technology?

The Education Technology Collaboration (ETC) meets the first Thursday of every month from noon – 1:00 in the eLearning Lab (8th floor WH). Lunch is provided!

“It’s a good networking opportunity with people from all UNMC Colleges and Nebraska Medicine,” said Betsy Becker, co-chair. “Speakers present, and there are active sessions to try educational technology.”

For more information, contact:
Co-chair: Teri Hartman, MLS, Associate Professor, McGoogan Library of Medicine
Co-chair: Betsy J. Becker, PT, CLT-LANA, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Education
Co-chair: Melissa Diers, M.Ed., DMC-D, Blackboard Learn Certified Trainer, Senior Instructional Designer, ITS Learning Environment/Internet Services
Howard Y. Liu, M.D., Director of Faculty Development Programs
Linda M. Love, MA, CPP, Faculty Development Coordinator

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