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Collaborative Ittner grant funded for Dr. Corrine Hanson

Corrine Hanson, PhD, RD, Associate Professor in medical nutrition education, recently received funding for a collaborative grant by the Edna Ittner Foundation for $55,000. The Primary Investigator is Shirley Delair, MD, MPH, College of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Dr. Hanson is a co-investigator, along with Ann Anderson-Berry, MD, PhD, College of Medicine, Division of Newborn Medicine, and Stephen Obaro, MD, PhD, College of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

The objective of their study, Newborn Sepsis in Central Nigeria: the Role of Maternal Vitamin D Status, is to determine the role of maternal vitamin D status in relation to neonatal infections. The data from the study will help devise a preventive strategy based on regional evidence-based needs to effectively meet the WHO Millennium Development Goal of improving maternal child health.

“Sub-Sahara Africa has the world’s highest infant mortality rate,” said Hanson, “and Nigeria alone accounts for nearly one-quarter of those deaths. I am extremely excited to be part of a project aimed at improving infant outcomes through maternal nutrition. As part of this project, we will develop nutritional intake collection tools to help us identify other deficiencies, allowing us to make an on-going impact in this region of the world.”

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  1. Greg Karst says:

    Great work, Corri!!!

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