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On February 1, 2015, Ryan Splittgerber, PhD, joined the School of Allied Health Professions. Formerly an assistant professor in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy (GCBA) and director of UNMC’s gross anatomy lab, Dr. Splittgerber, whose expertise is in human anatomy and the neurosciences, is a core faculty member in Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and the Radiation Science Technology Education programs. He eventually will be the gross anatomy lab director at the UNMC Health Sciences Education Complex located on the UNK campus.

Dr. Splittgerber is also courtesy faculty for GCBA, currently director of the M1 Neuroscience Core, and will continue to be a member of UNMC’s Master Degree of Medical Anatomy leadership committee.

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  1. Robert Splittgerber says:

    Dear Dr. Splittgerber,
    My name is Robert Norman Splittgerber. Out of curiosity I’d signed into Acadamedia to see what other Splittgerbers out there might be up to. And so I discovered you. There may be a family history going back to the late 1800s connecting us. My Great Grandfather Otto had relatives who settled in the middle northern states. Otto & family lived in Wisconsin. He died in an industrial accident. He left three children: Meta, Helene and Alfred, my Grandfather. I know through my Uncle Robert that there are Splittgerbers scattered around, and I would be interested in exploring connections. If it isn’t a bother, kindly e-mail me at rnsplitt@yahoo.com. And congratulations on your accomplishments. BTW, my Dad studied violin at UN, and I was born in Seward.

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