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Clinical perfusion highlights

Clinical Perfusion Education program director David Holt, MA, CCT would like to acknowledge some recent accomplishments from current and former students:

Ryan Zavala

Ryan Zavala

In January of 2015, Clinical Perfusion Education graduate, Mr. Ryan Zavala, was awarded the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion’s Alec Thorpe Academic Achievement

award for the year 2014. The Alec Thorpe Academic Achievement award is given annually to the candidate taking the Canadian National Certification Exam and achieving the highest passing mark for that calendar year.

Mr. Zavala accepted employment at Toronto General Hospital upon his graduation in May 2013 and has been employed in Toronto until March, 2015. Ryan has returned to Omaha for employment as a clinical perfusionist at Nebraska Medicine.

Devin Eilers

Devin Eilers

Clinical Perfusion Education student, Mr. Devin Eilers, was awarded a $500 scholarship plus travel expenses for delivery of his and Mr. Holt’s research, Emboli Production in Hardshell Venous Reservoirs at Low Reservoir Levels at the 53rd International Conference at the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) in Tampa, Florida, April 14-18, 2015. He was selected as one of 10 US Clinical Perfusion students based on merit ratings of blinded abstract submissions. The award was made possible by The Wood Insurance Group (Scottsdale, AZ) and AmSECT’s Gold Sponsors.

Mr. Eilers represents the very top of his graduating clinical perfusion class for May 2015.

Congratulations, Ryan and Devin!

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