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Alissa Fial
Education & Research Services Librarian
Education & Research Services

Tell us about your job in the library.Fial-Headshot - Copy

I am an Education & Research Services (E&RS) Librarian, and I supervise Circulation Services (a team of 5 great individuals). As an E&RS Librarian, I conduct literature searches for UNMC-affiliates. The searches run a gamut of topics and areas, which for me, makes the job very interesting and something different each day. I serve on UNMC committees and I am the library liaison to the College of Nursing. As the liaison, I focus on their particular needs and I teach classes on library resources and searching.  As the supervisor in Circulation Services, I oversee the area of checking out materials to patrons, keeping up to date on policies, etc.

When would you most likely meet or talk with me?

You will see me at the AskUs Desk during the week. I answer questions that come in face-to-face, phone, chat, and email. Of course, you may see me in one of your classes. I present live to different campuses, face-to-face, and can virtually embedded in online classes, offering suggestions, tips and tricks, and research assistance.

What do you like about working in the library?

The Library is an amazing place. I love the variety of my work, but mostly I love interacting with the faculty, students and staff at UNMC. They inspire me, and I take great joy in assisting them on their research, educational and scholarly pursuits.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love being with my family and boyfriend, and I’m active in my church.


Get library full-text in Google Scholar

By Cindy Schmidt

A couple of simple steps can add UNMC-licensed-full-text links and RefWorks-export links to your Google Scholar search results.

When you search Google Scholar start by changing the “Settings”.  The “Settings” icon is usually a cogwheel.


Scroll to the bottom of the “Setting” page to find the “Bibliography Manager” section.  Select “Show links to import citations into” option and select “RefWorks” from the drop-down menu.


Next, click on the “Library links” option in the left-hand column.


On the “Library links” page, search for – UNMC – (#1 in figure below) and select the “University of Nebraska medical Center – “GetIt!@UNMC” option that appears (#2 in figure).

Finally, click the “Save” button (#3 in figure)



Run your Google Scholar search.  Each result will now include an “Import into RefWorks” link (green arrow in figure below) that will open a RefWorks import, and those articles available through our library’s license will be indicated by a  “GetIt!@UNMC” link.


Parking on campus “back in the day”

University Hospital, 1927
University Hospital, 1927

By John Schleicher

As students and faculty return to the campus for the start of the new academic year, parking can sometimes become an issue. As with most academic institutions, getting that ideal parking spot just does not happen every time.

Among the many historical images of the UNMC campus is this view from 1927, showing Unit I and Unit II of University Hospital, looking to the south/southwest. If you were standing in this spot today, Wittson Hall would be to the left (east) side, with Eppley Science Hall to the north, behind the photographer.

The Dean’s office for the College of Medicine was then located on the second floor in the front wing of the hospital (to the far left in this photo). At the time, the Dean also served as the Superintendent of the hospital. Among the various vintage automobiles in this scene would be the cars of faculty and administrative staff. Of course, not as many students had cars at that time, relying on Omaha’s street car system to get around, or living close enough to campus to walk.

So, as you search for that ideal parking spot today, remember that parking has been an issue for nearly the entire history of our campus!


Event: An inside look at getting published


One of the best ways to advance your career is through scholarly publishing — yet it may also be one of the hardest, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to write.

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 15, as the McGoogan Library presents an inside look at the publishing process from those who know it best — the publishers and editors who decide what gets (and doesn’t get) published.

Experts from leading publishing companies will be on hand to offer inside tips and tricks for how and where to get published, and ways to get your papers noticed. You’ll also learn about open access publishing and your rights as an author.

Register online or call 402-559-5929 to reserve your spot or watch the live-stream webcast.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Brown, MA, Associate Professor and Head of Collection Services, McGoogan Library of Medicine.



Oct. 15, 2015


11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
(lunch provided)


Eppley Science Hall Amphitheater
(live webcast available)


Sign up online
Or call 402-559-5929

Want more details?
Read the event brochure for full details.