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Tools for Systematic Reviews part of the McGoogan Session series

McGoogan Session: Tools for Systematic Review

McGoogan Session: Tools for Systematic Reviews
Date and time: Wednesday, February 7, 2024, noon–1 p.m. CST
Location: Hybrid | WHM 6032 (Level 6, McGoogan Library) and via Zoom

Join Kiara Comfort, community outreach and health systems librarian, and Kim Harp, education and research services librarian at McGoogan Library, on Wednesday, February 7 from noon–1 p.m. CST to learn about technologies and software to help you develop and manage your systematic review from start to finish. This McGoogan Session is intended for all UNMC audiences who are conducting systematic reviews or plan to. This session will be a hybrid event. Individuals interested in attending can register online via Zoom or visit WHM 6032 (Level 6, McGoogan Library) to take part in person.

Why should you attend?

  • Gain insight into fee-based and open-source tools that are available for conducting the various steps of your systematic review.
  • Discover how these tools can assist with key stages of the process.
  • Identifying, critically appraising, and distilling all the individual studies on a topic can provide readers with recommendations to inform their practice.

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