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Pilot for data curation and sharing service launched

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Beginning January 22, 2024, UNMC researchers can gain expanded, expert support for data curation and sharing. The University of Nebraska Consortium of Libraries (UNCL) is piloting a data curation and sharing service through its Research Data Services (RDS) team. This one-year pilot is open to researchers at all NU campuses who are interested in sharing research data and will allow UNCL’s RDS team to assess the needs of all NU system campuses. Data curation currently exists at UNMC, and this pilot extends those current data curation services which will continue after the pilot.

“Data curation is the organization, compilation, and integration of data for sharing, reuse and archiving. Researchers may need such services to compile, organize and preserve data from past projects, or to share it to meet sponsor or publication requirements,” said Lisa Chinn, data services librarian at McGoogan Library and member of the UNCL Research Data Services team. 

Who is this pilot for: 

  • All researchers at NU campuses who are interested in sharing research data.

Why use this service: 

  • Data curators get the work done quickly and will support researchers in future data curation efforts. 
  • Data curation allows for cross-institutional collaboration. 
  • Ensure you (i.e., researchers) are getting DOIs minted for your data as it is deposited into a data repository. 
  • Mitigate storage solution problems by working with UNCL RDS and starting the data curation process as soon as a research project has started. 

Librarians will work with researchers to determine data curation needs and identify an appropriate repository for sharing. To learn more or find out if your project data is eligible for participation, please contact Lisa Chinn, PhD, MLIS. 

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