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In the library with a study dragon

Submitted by Dawn Wilson

Need a little motivation to get you through all these tests?

Feeling a little lonely and think a study buddy could help?

Don’t trust yourself to study as long and as hard as you need?

These problems are all easily solved! All you need is to adopt a study dragon. Study dragons are extremely supportive; all you have to do is try your hardest. But. (Dun-dStudy Dragonsun-dun, says the scary music cue.) But, if you do not try your hardest, if you slack off even though you know deep down you should be studying instead of playing that video game, your dragon will know. And because they are carnivorous and breathe fire, the dragon will light you on fire and eat you.

Now, if that’s not motivation, we don’t know what is.

The History of the Study Dragon

Study dragons love being part of the medical sciences field because that’s where they were originally created. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kara who had osteosarcoma. (It’s okay, she’s healthy now!) A McGoogan Library staff member named Steven traveled halfway across the globe several times to sit with her in the hospital. Steven was best friends with Kara’s dad, so he went to remain calm and supportive during treatments, and to sit up with Kara all night long so her parents could sleep. When they got bored, they did crafts—and poof! Suddenly they were surrounded by Guardian Dragons.

Kara and Steven made Guardian Dragons during her treatments and gave them away to the other children in the hospital to watch over them.

Steven brought the dragons back to the library. The dragons realized that the health sciences students needed their support, too. Going through school can be difficult, lonely, frustrating, and a plethora of other negative emotions—but it’s all going to be worth it. The study dragons invaded the library to remind you that it’ll all be okay, because there are people who are going to need your help; just keep trying your hardest!

Adopt your dragon (or a sheep) at the Ask Us desk—and do try not to spill condiments on yourself over lunch.

**DISCLAIMER: Library Staff cannot be held responsible for the actions of a study dragon.

Study Sheep

In the library with a white board

rolling whiteboardsStudents now have more freedom in the library to scribble, doodle, and notate. Just in time for the start of school, five rolling white boards are ready for student use. The boards stand over four feet high and offer 1900 square inches of writing space.

While the library is assessing its space (you’ll notice all of our books and journals have been compressed to the stacks on 7th floor), these white boards afford flex space opportunities for students to turn exposed carrels and tables into private study spaces.

Three times larger than the boards that used to be available in the study rooms, these new boards are ideal for group study sessions as well.

So go ahead, roll them around to your favorite library nook or cranny. This is one study buddy you can rely on to help keep you organized this year.

By Dawn Wilson

First Aid review e-book collection now available

An E-book collection of McGraw-Hill First Aid Medical Test Prep books is now available to all UNMC faculty, staff, and students.  The collection allows for unlimited users and features both on-and-off campus access.

The titles in this collection can be accessed and read online on a title-by-title basis through the Helix Library Catalog, the E-books A-Z list, or the Online Resources A-Z list.

The titles included in the collection are:

  • First Aid for the Absite
  • First Aid for the Anesthesiology Boards
  • First Aid for the Basic Sciences , General Principles
  • First Aid for the Basic Sciences , Organ Systems
  • First Aid for the COMLEX
  • First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards
  • First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship
  • First Aid for the Internal Medicine Boards – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Match , 5th Ed
  • First Aid for the Medicine Clerkship , 3rd Ed
  • First Aid for the NBDE Part 1 – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the NBDE Part 2 – 1st Ed
  • First Aid for the Neurology Boards
  • First Aid for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Orthopaedic Boards – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Pediatric Boards – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Pediatrics Clerkship – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Psychiatry Boards
  • First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Surgery Clerkship – 2nd Ed
  • First Aid for the Wards – 4th Ed
  • First Aid Q and A for the NBDE Part I
  • First Aid Radiology for the Wards

Graduating and leaving UNMC? Take RefWorks with you!

If you are graduating and will soon be leaving UNMC, you can take your RefWorks account with you through the RefWorks Alumni Program. The new account includes access to RefWorks, RefShare, and Write-n-Cite. The Alumni Program accounts do not include “Check for UNMC full-text” buttons, so if you will be staying at UNMC, you should not switch to this account.

To get an Alumni account:

  1. Contact Cindy Schmidt (, 402-559-7077 or toll free at 1-866-800-5209) to request instructions for creating your Alumni Program account.
  2. Please provide information about your dates of attendance and program affiliation.
  3. Cindy will need to verify this information before she can send you instructions for establishing an account.

For more information, see the RefWorks Tips, Tricks, and Guides page.

Check study room availability on-the-go

Not in the library, but want to know if a study room is available? Now you can check availability through the library’s mobile website.

The site takes you to a live listing of study room keys in our catalog. If a study room is available, it will be indicated as “Available” in the Call# column.

Please note that there is no guarantee of availability or access to a specific room. This page is live and a room may not be available by the time you arrive in the library and “due date” times may not indicate future availability, as rooms can be renewed.

Rooms are only available to UNMC faculty, students, and staff.