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NLM Spotlight: ToxTutor Tutorial

ToxTutor image

Image from the National Library of Medicine

Are you looking to explore the basic principles of toxicology? Then the National Library of Medicine (NLM) has a resource for you! NLM just updated its online tutorial, ToxTutor. This tutorial is self-paced, and uses plain language and illustrations to provide a basic understanding of toxicology. The topics covered include dose and dose response, toxic effects, interactions, toxicity testing methods, risk assessment, and exposure guidelines.

Once you finish this tutorial, you will be better equipped to delve more deeply into TOXNET, a group of NLM databases that provide information on chemicals and toxicology. TOXNET includes resources on chemicals and drugs, diseases and the environment,  occupational safety and health, risk assessment and regulations, and more.

ToxTutor and TOXNET are produced by the NLM Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program. To learn more about this program, visit their website.



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