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Checked your h-index lately? Scopus moves to pre-1996

Since its inception, Scopus has tracked the citations of articles written in 1996 and after. Thus, articles written before 1996 were not included in one’s h-index. That is now changing. Earlier in the year, Scopus began to add cited references starting in 1970. This is a multi-year project, but changes are already apparent.

In November, Scopus began to include this new content. Now with more pre-1996 cited references, the h-index of authors who published before 1996 have the potential to increase. As more of this content is added, these h-index counts will only become more reflective of the authors work.

Check your h-index by searching your name in the Author search in Scopus. If you have questions, please contact the AskUs Desk at 402-559-6221 or askus@unmc.edu.

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