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New books added in January

  • 100 questions & answers about leukemia   Edward D. Ball, Alex Kagan.  WH 250 B1871L 2013
  • 100 questions & answers about mesothelioma Harvey I. Pass …  [et al.].  QZ 340 P285o 2014
  • Brain injury medicine: principles and practice editors, Nathan  D. Zasler, Douglas I. Katz, Ross D. Zafonte ; associate editors,  David B. Arciniegas, M. Ross Bullock, Jeffrey S. Kreutzer.  WL 354 B8138 2013
  • Cardiology: an illustrated textbook,   editors, Kanu  Chatterjee … [et al.].  WG 120 C2677 2013
  • Case files. Surgery  Eugene C. Toy, Terrence H. Liu, Andre R.  Campbell.  WO 18.2 Su776 2012
  • The Cervical spine, Edward C. Benzel, editor & chairman of the Cervical Spine Research Society Editorial Committee ; section  editors, Patrick J. Connolly … [et al.].  WE 725 C4194 2012
  • Clinical manual of child and adolescent psychopharmacology,  edited by Molly McVoy, Robert L. Findling.  WS 350.2 C6413 2013
  • Community organizing and community building for health and welfare  [edited by] Meredith Minkler.  WA 546 C73479 2012
  • DeJong’s the neurologic examination [edited by]William W.  Campbell.  WL 141 D327n 2013
  • Facial flap surgery,  editors, Glenn Goldman, Leonard M. Dzubow ;  video editor, Christopher B. Yelverton.  WE 705 F141 2013
  • Treatment planning for traumatized teeth, Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi.  WU 158 T8825g 2012
  • Guidebook for clerkship directors, Alliance for Clinical Education ; Bruce Z. Morgenstern, editor-in-chief.  W 18 G946 2012
  • Handbook of colorectal surgery, edited by David E. Beck  WI 650 H236 2013
  • Health care ethics, Harold W. Baillie … [et al.]. W 50 G239h 2013
  • The health care handbook: clear and concise guide to the United States health care system Elisabeth Askin and Nathan Moore ; [foreword by William Peck].  W 84 AA1 A835h 2012
  • Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery [edited by]Keith Lillemoe and William Jarnigan.  WI 770 H5291 2013
  • Heroes of pharmacy: professional leadership in times of change Dennis B. Worthen.  WZ 112.5 P4 W932h 2012
  • A history of organ transplantation: ancient legends to modern  practice David Hamilton ; with a foreword by Clyde F. Barker and  Thomas E. Starzl.  WO 11.1 H2171 2012
  • Information technology for the health professions,  Lillian Burke,   Barbara Weill.  W 26.5 B959i 2013
  • Intracellular pathogens : Chlamydiales  edited by Ming Tan,  Patrik M. Bavoil ; lead editor, Ming Tan.  WC 600 I6195 2012
  • Introduction to epidemiology,  Ray M. Merrill.  WA 950 T584i 2013
  • The neurological patient in history, edited by L. Stephen Jacyna  and Stephen T. Casper.  WL 11.1 N4946 2012
  • Neuropathic pain: mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment  edited  by David M. Simpson, Justin C. McArthur, Robert H. Dworkin.  WL 544 N4947 2012
  • The origins of antisocial behavior : a developmental  perspective  edited by Christopher R. Thomas and Kayla Pope. WS 350.8 S6 O696 2013
  • Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus  editor-in-chief, Kenneth W. Wright ; editor, Yi Ning J. Strube.  WW 600 W951pa 2012
  • Pharmacogenomics: an introduction and clinical perspective  edited by Joseph S. Bertino, Jr. … [et al.].  QV 38.5 P5363 2013
  • Physiology, Robin R. Preston,  Thad E. Wilson.  QT 18.2 P937p 2013
  • Practical dermatopathology, Ronald P. Rapini  WR 105 R218ap 2012
  • The practice of nursing research:  appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence, Susan K. Grove, Nancy Burns, Jennifer  WY 20.5 B967p 2013
  • Principles and practice of hospital medicine  by Sylvia McKean … [et al.].  WX 162 P9573 2012
  • Public health for an aging society edited by Thomas R. Prohaska,  Lynda A. Anderson, and Robert H. Binstock.  WT 31 P9761 2012
  • Rett syndrome: therapeutic interventions  Meir Lotan and Joav  Merrick, editors.  WM 300 R439 2011
  • Shnider and Levinson’s anesthesia for obstetrics editor, Maya Suresh ; associate editors, Roshan Fernando … [et al.].  WO 450 S559 2013
  • Surgery: evidence-based practice Stephen M. Cohn, Steven T.  Brower.  WO 500 C6788s 2012
  • Textbook of clinical neuropsychiatry and behavioral neuroscience  David P. Moore, Basant K. Puri.  WM 140 M821t 2012
  • Treatment planning for traumatized teeth, Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi  WU 158 T8825g 2012
  • Whittle’s gait analysis edited by David Levine, Jim Richards, Michael W. Whittle.  WE 103 W627g 2012
  • WHO classification of tumours of the breast edited by Sunil R.   Lakhani … [et al.].

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