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University of Nebraska Medical Center

McGoogan Library iTest iPad Project

A team of librarians at the UNMC McGoogan Library of Medicine were among 48 librarians in a 6 state region to receive iPads as part of a grant from the MidContinental Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM-MCR). Claire Hamasu, MLS, Associate Director of the NN/LM-MCR, said, “The purpose of this project is to encourage librarians at full NN/LM MCR Network member institutions to adopt a new technology and demonstrate its use to their institutions and their users.” In concert with this project the McGoogan Library is launching an iPad Test Project running through April. During that time, McGoogan Library will share information resources and tips through Mobile Monday posts to the UNMC Today, the McGoogan Library blog and the McGoogan Facebook page. The project will wrap up in April with Open Houses at the McGoogan Library.

A library guide has been created that will provide useful information on how to use your iPad, apps to add to your mobile device, and suggestions on how to use your iPad for presentations and in your classrooms. As new information is added to the Library Guide a posting will appear on the McGoogan Library Facebook sharing the feature of the week. From the post you will be directed to the iPad Application library guide for more detailed instructions / information.

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