Tips to Remember as You Enter Into Your First Healthcare Role

You have your knowledge, which is probably the best and at the highest level it may ever be throughout your career because you are either almost through with your health professions education or you are a new graduate. You have the latest and most advanced information and taking that information and applying it to your patients is so important, but if I can encourage you to do a few things, they would be to:

  • be considerate of those on your healthcare team and your patients;
  • be responsive and truthful always;
  • heed the advice and guidance of those around you–they can be a great source of knowledge;
  • do the job you are supposed to do, even if you don’t hear the words “thank you” often enough; and
  • remember that those around you are not working for you–they are working with you to take care of patients.

– Harry McFadden, M.D. ’74

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