Servant Leadership & Relationship Building

Valeria Stokes, MSN’78, EdD grew up in a household where giving back to others was a value ingrained into her character. She took this with her throughout her career, serving in a variety of roles within hospital, corporate and nonprofit leadership. Now, as the Vice President of Human Resources at Erie Health Centers in Chicago, Dr. Stokes provides insight into the connection between her philosophy of servant leadership and relationship-building.

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  1. Carolyn C Steptoe says:

    As someone who has served and can attest to the professional authenticity of Dr. Stokes, it is no overstatement that her unyielding genuine servant leadership has and continues to permeate in a myriad of environments and specialized industries. I know first-hand that Dr. Stokes has guided, mentored and supported every tier – from subordinate to peer to c-suite. Dr. Stokes is relentless in her commitment to team success and incorporating individual, sophisticated leadership into any mission.

    A phenomenal alum of whom UNMC is rightfully proud!

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