Alumni Association – Connections Project

Understanding & Evaluating Company Benefits

Are you looking for a job or did you just land a job? Josh Hite, PharmD ’06 shares his tips on things to consider and evaluate when searching for a job or negotiating the benefits that come with a job offer. “The easiest thing you can do is look at your entire benefits package and […]

Jan 23, 2019

Making Time for Growth

Greg Schardt, PharmD ’09 shares how he grows through new experiences and gives tips on how he makes time for growth in his own life. “Routines are good, but you grow by trying something new–that triggers more in your brain and helps you realize things about yourself.”

Jan 16, 2019

Time Management Tips

Caryn Vincent, MPH, CPH ’14 works full-time at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and is also pursuing her DrPH through Johns Hopkins University. In this video, she discusses how she manages her time leading such a busy life and some tips that have helped her to be successful in her endeavors.

Jan 10, 2019

Creating the Patient Experience

Kate Kuester, DPT ’08 shares her tips on one of the best types of medicine you can give to patients–listening to them and providing them with a great patient experience. “It isn’t always what you do with the patient that they remember, but the things you said to them, the compassion you showed and how […]

Jan 3, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the UNMC Alumni Association! Please enjoy this short video message from UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D. #unmcalumni    

Jan 2, 2019

What is the Connections Project?

A place for UNMC Alumni to share real-world information and advice with students and fellow #unmcalumni. Information will be in short blog posts and videos. Content will live in the blog, but will be shared across the UNMC Alumni Association’s Facebook and Twitter. Goals of the Connections Project: Connect alumni and students with the UNMCAA […]

Dec 21, 2018