Improvisation and a Capella Singing

This week you have the opportunity to hear a short-form standup improvisational bit and an a capella performance of the Star Spangled Banner. One from a faculty member physician and another from an alumnus/current student. UNMC is truly full of many “hidden” talents and we are excited to showcase them in the UNMC Talent Treasure Trove! Enjoy!

Dr. Michael Smith, a hospitalist at Nebraska Medicine and an Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine at UNMC, showcases his improvisational skills for the three-person audience of Kat Hamilton, Dr. Kati Cordts, and Dr. Steven Wengel.
Cacey Vavra, a 2019 alumnus of the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions radiography program, and current radiation therapy student (August 2020 completion), sings this acapella performance of “The Star Spangled Banner”. This was originally shared in each of UNMC’s spring commencement ceremonies (six colleges, plus graduate studies). She also performed the national anthem as a graduating student at last year’s “live” commencement at Baxter Arena.

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