An Alumni Perspective: Why I Give Back

It is the holiday season–a time to give, receive and to count our blessings. To spend time with loved ones making memories and reflecting back upon the past year, while looking ahead at a new year full of possibilities.

Paula Harre, DDS ’82, ’95, ’96 knows about giving of her time, talents, and treasure and she shares a bit about why she gives back to help others, especially UNMC students.

“Part of it for me, is that I grew up with nothing. That motivated me more than anything to give back. I lived frugally all through dental school and so once you make it, and I feel like I have, thanks to the dental school and the University of Nebraska, you have to give back. You have to help those people….it is really important for all of us who can, to give back to those who can’t.”

Who can you help now and in the new year? How can you make an impact? We all can contribute through our time, our talents, and/or our treasures. Be the reason that someone smiles and can say “thank you”.


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