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Bills Completes Wound Treatment Associate Program

Sara Bills

by the Physical Therapy Program

Please join us in congratulating Sara Bills, DPT, assistant professor and associate director of the physical therapy program, on completing the Wound Treatment Associate Program offered through the UNMC College of Nursing’s Continuing interProfessional Development and Innovation Office.

The WTA Program was developed by the Wound Ostomy Continence Society to educate and prepare more skilled wound care providers across settings. The curriculum consists of online self-paced modules, discussions over Zoom, two online written exams, and a skills competency exam.

Reflecting on her experience, Dr. Bills expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “It was a great learning experience. I enjoyed discovering new concepts, teaching methodologies, and valuable resources to integrate into my practice and share with my students.”

Dr. Bills’ dedication to professional development not only enhances her expertise but also enriches the education she provides to her physical therapy students. Bills shares more about wound care as part of the Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum: “Many people don’t realize that wound care is within the scope of practice of a PT; however, as movement experts, it’s imperative we learn how movement is affected by and how it impacts the integumentary system. I enjoy teaching students how to assess and treat wounds as part of a collaborative interdisciplinary team.”

Learn more about the WTA program.

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  1. Bonnie Miley says:

    We continue to be proud of you and admire your dedication to your profession and your students. You are an inspiration.

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