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Drs. Donnelly and Webster receive new appointments

Amber Donnelly and Tammy Webster

Amber Donnelly, PhD, MPH, SCT(ASCP), M. Patricia & James W. Leuschen Professor has been appointed as Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and Tammy Webster, PhD, MPA, RT(R)(M)(ARRT), FAEIRS has been appointed as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Both Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Webster have led their respective areas for the past four years as assistant deans. Under their leadership the CAHP has seen several important advancements including, the development of a college-wide workload policy, several important revisions to academic policies, the development and approval of three new degree programs, the creation and beginning implementation of a 5-year strategic enrollment management plan, and the implementation of an annual strategic planning process for recruitment and admissions, to name but a few.

Dr. Donnelly serves as the CAHP representative on the UNMC Student Affairs Council, and CAHP liaison to the UNMC Office of Global Engagement.  She will continue to direct the CAHP Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. The office is responsible for overseeing marketing, recruitment, admissions, enrollment, student onboarding, wellness, and engagement, as well as coordinating all CAHP events and career services. In this role, Dr. Donnelly co-chairs the CAHP Pathway Programs Committee. She holds the rank of professor in the Master of Diagnostic Cytology Program, having joined UNMC in 2001 and serving as the director of the cytology program for 20 years, prior to her appointment as the assistant dean for student affairs. 

Dr. Webster serves as the Primary Conduct Officer for the CAHP and chairs the Curriculum Committee. She serves as co-chair of the UNMC Education Council and AI Enhance Learning Subcommittee.  She will continue to direct the CAHP Office of Academic Affairs, which is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all CAHP academic policies, curriculum design, mapping, and approval, program evaluation, providing support for accreditation, and academic remediation and ADA accommodations. Dr. Webster holds the rank of professor in the Radiography program and serves as Chair of the Health Professions Teaching and Technology and Healthcare Delivery Science programs in Graduate Studies. She joined UNMC in 2001 and served as director of the combined Radiography, Computed Tomography, and Cardiovascular Interventional Technology programs for eight years prior to her appointment as assistant dean for academic affairs. 

“I look forward to the College’s continued success and advancement under the leadership of Drs. Donnelly and Webster,” said Dean Kyle Meyer, PhD,” and I ask you to join me in congratulating them on their new appointments.”

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  1. Nancy Gerbig says:

    Congratulations Tammy!
    You are awesome!

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