University of Nebraska Medical Center

Allied health joins ACL clinical trials network

Liz Wellsandt and Yvonne Golightly

Liz Wellsandt, PhD, and Yvonne Golightly, PhD, will be co-principal investigators of a new clinical trial unit for the Arthritis Foundation’s Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial Network. The network model was created to conduct clinical trials for patients with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury who are at risk for knee osteoarthritis.

The UNMC College of Allied Health Professions was one of nine sites across the United States selected for the competitive award. Funding will begin in 2023.

Team members include: Mike Rosenthal, DSc, Laura Bilek, PhD, Matt Tao, MD, and Justin Greiner, MD, (orthopaedics); Balasrinivasa Sajja, PhD, (radiology); R.J. Barber, Matt McManigal, Kara Smith and Cherie Kimble.

 ACL injury can contribute to the rapid development of knee osteoarthritis. Effective treatments are needed to prevent or slow this progression to osteoarthritis. New and innovative interventions will be tested at UNMC as part of the Arthritis Foundation’s Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials Network so this disabling and painful joint disease can be prevented.

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