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Important muscle health study results published

Portraits of Laura Flores and Laura Bilek

Associate Dean for Research and Linder Professor for Women’s Health Laura Bilek, PhD, and her team are on a mission to improve women’s health.

Because of hormone changes with menopause, women lose significant muscle, which increases risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The team investigated various methods used to combat muscle loss. JCSM Rapid Communications recently published the results of their innovative and important study led by Laura Flores, PhD, a recent graduate student in Dr. Bilek’s lab.

“Our work is important because it demonstrates that exercise and a medication for osteoporosis (Risedronate) are potential therapies to prevent muscle loss,” said Dr. Bilek. “This is a novel use for the medication and could potentially provide additional options to promote healthy aging through maintenance of muscle mass.”

Read the article, Risedronate or exercise for lean mass preservation during menopause: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial, by Laura E. Flores, Kevin Kupzyk, Nancy Waltman, Kristen M. Beavers, Laura Bilek, in JCSM Rapid Communications Volume 5, Issue 2.

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