College of Allied Health Professions

Celebrating our CAHP Research Administrators

Kara Smith, Cherie Kimble, Mel Cole, and RJ Barber

by Laura Bilek, PhD, Associate Dean for Research

Research Administrators Day is Saturday, September, 25, 2021! In celebration, the College of Allied Health Professions celebrates the invaluable contributions of our research coordinators and grant administrators. As they do not interact with the broader faculty, many in the college are not aware of our research professionals’ work.

Kara Smith is always a pleasant and knowledgeable partner as faculty submit grants. She is a master of the process and pitfalls of managing clinical research in the UNMC/NE Medicine systems and is tenacious in tracking down answers to research questions.

Faculty with grant funding depend on Cherie Kimble to track expenditures, manage research FTE, and comply with all financial regulations.

Mel Cole and RJ Barber, research study coordinators, keep research studies running smoothly, managing recruitment, data collection, and regulatory reporting.

Research outcomes depend on the research team. The CAHP team is outstanding, and we thank these research administrators for their invaluable contributions. Send electronic thank-yous here!

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