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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Welcome new faculty: Abbey Lowe

Abbey Lowe, MA, recently joined our College of Allied Health Professions research team. She is Co-Director of the National Disaster Medical System Infectious Disease training program for the Global Center for Health Security at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Ms. Lowe works at the intersection of ethics, health policy, and health security, and her research focuses on ethics preparedness in public health emergencies. She co-chairs the COVID-19 Critical Questions and Ethics committee at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In March of 2020, she convened the Global Center for Health Security Ethics Advisory Committee with national and international experts in disaster and public health emergency ethics to provide guidance on emerging issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee has provided ethics consultations to numerous organizations including hospitals, universities, unions, school systems, and public health agencies.

Ms. Lowe received NIH funding to provide ethics analysis of emerging COVID-19 issues through consultation reports, an NIH webinar series, and ethics education tailored for workers in essential industries. Her work has been published in the AMA Journal of Ethics, Health Security, and the Journal of Public Health Policy, among others.

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