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Welcome new faculty: Jesse Roettger

Jesse Roettger recently joined our faculty in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Here’s more about Jesse in her own words:

I’m a Nebraska native originally from Nebraska City, NE. I have moved around to several hospitals in my 14 years in the healthcare field, but I’m so excited to be back closer to home! I fell into the healthcare field by accident, but my passion for helping those in need has burned brightly ever since. I attended college at Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln, NE, and most recently worked at Nebraska Medicine in the echocardiography lab. I am honored to be selected to help teach and mentor future sonography graduates.

I enjoy the connections that we make with our patients. In sonography, we have the chance to spend 30-45 minutes with the patient allowing us to form great relationships with the patient by the time we complete the exam. Patients that get serial exams often form bonds with us while we watch them go through a disease process and receive treatment. I appreciate the chances that I have gotten to scan transplant patients and share in their journey.

During my free-time, my long-term boyfriend and I enjoy camping in the mountains and fishing whenever we can. I have two cats, a small freshwater shrimp aquarium, as well as a small reef aquarium to keep me busy at home.

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