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E-Learning modules continue to have far reach

Faculty in the Department of Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences (MITS) recently completed work on the creation of a new course for the University of Nebraska High School.

Tanya Custer, assistant professor and distance education coordinator for MITS, and member of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE), served as the primary developer of the course with assistance from a graduate student worker, Jaden Boudle, and faculty within the MITS Department.

The University of Nebraska High School is a college-prep high school that offers quality education and academic services to students online.

The course, “Introduction to Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences,” will be offered for the first time in August 2019 and will highlight four e-Learning modules that Custer and Kim Michael, associate director of the IAE and program director for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, developed as part of the UNMC e-Learning program. Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D., Sr., leads the program.

“This is wonderful and an excellent progression of the use of e-modules,” said Dr. Davies.

Custer and Michael are excited about the opportunity to share their modules and their medical imaging programs with high school students.

“The course will serve as an excellent educational resource and recruitment tool for MITS,” said Custer. “In the spring of 2019, the Nebraska Online High School graduated nearly 200 students from 28 countries and 32 states. We are excited to be a part of this program.”

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