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PAs garner grant to improve rural health

Carey Wheelhouse, MSPAS, PA-C, Principal Investigator, and Co-Investigators, Mia Hyde, MPAS, PA-C; Wayne Mathews, MS, PA-C; and Annie Wildermuth, MMS, PA-C, RD, were awarded a pilot grant from the Central State Center for Agricultural Safety.

The purpose of their grant, “Improving Agricultural Worker Health and Safety Awareness through Multimodal, Case-Based Physician Assistant Education,” is to improve health outcomes of patients in Midwest agricultural communities through didactic, clinical, and case-based instruction of Physician Assistant (PA) students.

UNMC PA students will learn about issues specific to agriculturally related respiratory health, chemical exposures, and hearing loss, including preventative health education and communication with agricultural patient populations.

Additionally, students will complete 12 weeks of clinical learning opportunities in a rural, primary care setting. Students will complete pre and post surveys evaluating their knowledge of agricultural health and safety issues and ability to communicate with agricultural patient populations, as well as log patient data as it pertains to agricultural health care.

Data collected will guide future endeavors in agricultural health and safety research, as well as continuous curriculum advancement as it pertains to agricultural heath.

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  1. Greg Karst says:

    Congratulations!! This sounds like a great educational opportunity coupled with scholarly activity as to the outcomes. Thanks to all involved in this effort.

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