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Great showing at the 87th annual NSRT Conference

submitted by Tanya Custer, MS, RT(R)(T)

It was a busy weekend for MITS students and faculty at the 87th Annual Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technology Conference in Grand Island, NE.

Tanya Custer, Lisa Bartenhagen, Tammy Webster, Mike Dutt, Greg Mehrer and Kim Michael attended, along with various students in radiography (RT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and diagnostic medical sonography (DMS).

Lisa Bartenhagen served as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists representative and presented a lecture on ARRT Continuing Qualifications Requirements. We were also fortunate to have the SIM-Nebraska Program represented at the meeting. Douglas Dekker presented a lecture on Medical Emergencies in the Radiology Suite and coordinated numerous simulation activities in the Sim-Truck.

Board Member Elections/Board and Committee Participation
Nolan Vasa (MRI, CT Practicum and Radiography program graduate) was elected as President-elect for the 2018-2019 year. Tanya Custer has served as Chairman of the board for 2017-2018 and also served as the student bowl coordinator; she was elected as Advisory Board Member for the 2018-2019 year. Greg Mehrer served as the Awards and Trophies coordinator for the conference. Mike Dutt served on the student symposium committee for the conference.

The conference began on Thursday with the annual Student Bowl Competition. The competition consisted of 16  teams, each with three radiography students from programs throughout the state and one team from Missouri. Three UNMC teams participated:
Team #1: McKenna Zeller/Dan Sullivan (alternate), Derrick Vanover, Nikki Ohlinger
Team #2: Kimberley Hiatt, Breanna Eubanks, Megan Miller
Team #3: Alexa Kasl, Richard Heckendorn, Mikala Sweetser

The conference was once again, very successful for the students and faculty; the following is a list of honors and awards received.

  • UNMC NSRT Student Board Representatives honored: Cacey Vavra (RT), Anna Burk (DMS), Travis Callendar (RTT), and Melisa Clark (CVIT).
  • Registered Technologist /Full time student scientific essay competition winners
    First Place – Matt Spaulding (MRI), “The Best Way to Diagnose and Treat Acute Strokes”
    Second Place – Kaylee Samway (MRI), “Cardia Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Literature Review”
    Third Place – Skyler Zeller (MRI), “Concussions and Their Potentially Significant Short-Term and Long-Term Adverse Effects: What Can MRI Tell Us?”
  • Student scientific essay competition winner
    First Place – Maddison Vaverek (RT), “Elastography: A Literature Review”
    Third Place – Kelsey McCann (RT), “The Importance of Medical Imaging in Diagnosing Zika Virus in Fetuses and Neonates”
  • Registered Technologist scientific exhibit presentation
    First Place –Stephanie Vas and Michael Dutt, “Examining Autism: The Role of MRI”
    Second Place –Ellie Miller, Tammy Webster and Greg Mehrer, “Exposing the Numbers Behind Exposure Indicators”
    Third Place – Tanya Custer and Kim Michael, “Bezoar: Imaging Findings and Case Study of a Rare Pathology”
  • Registered Technologist/Full time student scientific poster presentation
    First Place – Skyler Zeller (MRI), “Concussions and Their Potentially Significant Short-Term and Long-Term Adverse Effects: What Can MRI Tell Us?”
    Second Place – Matt Spaulding (MRI), ” The Best Way to Diagnose and Treat Acute Strokes”
    Third Place – Kaylee Samway (MRI), “Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
  • Student scientific poster presentation
    First Place – Alexandria Camenzind (RT), “Limb Body Wall Complex Sonography Case Study”
    Second Place – Mikala Sweetser (RT), “Radiography in the Forensic Field: A Brief Look at Vitropsy”
    Third Place – Kimberley Hiatt (RT), “Cleidocranial Cysplasia”

Special thanks to Anna Burke and Cacey Vavra for all of their assistance during the conference!

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