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MLS student’s licensure opinion article published

Kathleen Cheney

Kathleen Cheney, one of our Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Degree Advancement Option (DAO) students, recently published a short article in the Colorado Clinical Laboratorian ASCLS quarterly publication. The article, “To Licensure or Not to Licensure,” is an opinion paper about personnel licensure for laboratory professionals.

“This was a follow-up to an assignment,” said assistant professor and MLS education coordinator, Sandy Latshaw. “Students must investigate the difference between licensure and certification, stances taken by ASCLS and ASCP (our two primary professional organizations), express pros and cons of personnel licensure, and make their own decision on whether or not they choose to support personnel licensure for laboratory professionals (a topic heavily debated in several states).”

Once this is completed, students have the option to revise their paper, using faculty feedback, and submit it for publication to earn professionalism points (another management assignment). Only a few students actually choose to revise their paper and then follow through on submission to the appropriate person/group. Even fewer get published.

“We’re very proud of Kathy,” said Karen Honeycutt, MLS program director. “The MLS DAO program requires associate degree-level practitioners to continue working while completing coursework towards their BS degree. Kathy was successful in taking on an additional challenge to articulate to her peers through a professional organization publication her opinion on the nationally debated topic of professional licensure requirements.”

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BSMLS) DAO is for working professionals, who have completed an accredited MLT/CLT program and are board certified or registry eligible, to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science.

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