University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kudos from NASA

Physical therapy education associate professor, Ka-Chun “Joseph” Siu, PhD, and post-doc, Jung Hung “JC” Chien, PhD, attended the annual NASA Human Research Program conference with a few exciting successes!

“Our MObile MOtion CApture system (MO2CA) project poster received the highest recognition,” said Dr. Siu.

Dr. Chien also received special recognition with the NASA Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) Dr. David Watson Post-doc Fellow Poster Award.

“The college is thrilled for Drs. Siu and Chien for this prestigious recognition,” said CAHP dean Kyle Meyer, PhD.

Associate dean for research, Laura Bilek, PhD, added, “This well-deserved recognition is the result of considerable dedication and hard work!”

PT2 student, Melissa Parks, was also a part of the MO2CA project.

Congratulations to all!

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