University of Nebraska Medical Center

Important: Have you documented your flu vaccine status, yet?

The shot is optional (though highly recommended), but documentation is a MUST! And it only takes a minute online.

The online influenza vaccine verification, accessible through a UNMC or Nebraska Medicine computer, allows colleagues to indicate their choice of vaccination:

  • receipt of vaccine
  • reason for vaccine declination
  • vaccination received elsewhere

The expectation is for 100 percent of health care providers, students, and employees to document their vaccination status in the campus verification system.

The last opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to receive your free flu vaccine on campus is this Thursday, December 8th between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. in the University Tower Private Dining Rooms.

Regardless of where, or if, you get a flu shot, however, you MUST document your status. Do it before the holidays!

These rates are important, as the hospital must include our rates in the numbers they report to compliance agencies.

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