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Visit celebrates RHOP program extension to Peru State

On September 25th, UNMC visited Peru State College (PSC). The purpose of the visit was to celebrate the College of Allied Health Professions’ new relationship with PSC to extend Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) positions to students at PSC – beginning with the next application cycle this year.

In addition, PSC sponsored a “Rural Health Symposium.” About 22 high school students attended from Humboldt/Table Rock/Steiner, Sterling, Pawnee City, Weeping Water, and Auburn.

Faculty in attendance from the CAHP: dean, Kyle Meyer, PhD; assistant dean for academic and student affairs, Greg Karst, PhD; physical therapy education program director, Joe Norman, PhD; physician assistant education program director, Mike Huckabee, PhD; radiography, CVIT, and CT program director, Tammy Jones; clinical laboratory science clinical program site coordinator, Marnie Imhoff; and associate director of radiation science technology education, Jim Temme.

From the College of Nursing: associate dean for academic programs, Lynette Leesburg-Stamler, PhD, and assistant dean, Omaha division, Connie Miller, PhD.

From the College of Pharmacy: associate dean for student affairs, Chris Shaffer, Pharm.D.

Facts about the RHOP partnerships with the CAHP:

  • The CAHP offers RHOP slots in PT, PA, Radiography and CLS
  • We began initially with 13 slots, partnering with Chadron State College
  • In 2007 we extended our partnership to include students at Wayne State College and increased our RHOP positions to a maximum of 23
  • In 2015 we expanded our partnership again to include students from Peru State College and increased RHOP positions to a maximum of 33
  • The increase in RHOP positions offered represents an approximately 150% increase in available RHOP positions across our four programs
  • If all of the positions were filled (often they are not), the students entering through the RHOP would represent approximately 15% of the students admitted to the CAHP (all programs) annually

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