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We Stepped Across Nebraska…Virtually!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Step Across Nebraska fitness challenge!

As a group, we took 22,272,896 steps. That’s over 10,124 miles, or 22 times across Nebraska, or almost halfway around the Earth!

The College had tremendous participation with this summer wellness initiative. Forty CAHP faculty and staff members signed up, but only a couple had to drop out.

Of the 37 who walked the whole 61 days, everyone completed the first two legs of the journey (250,000 steps); 29 (78%) finished the third leg (404,000 steps), and 23 (62%) made it all the way (580,000 steps).

Organizer and CAHP Wellness Committee chair, Geri Finn, said, “I am so proud of everyone. This challenge kept us all moving right up to the very end.”

Geri wasn’t kidding. On the last day of the challenge, one participant, Cody Sasek, realized he was only 27,218 steps away from the final destination. He racked up 27,564 steps that day to make certain he’d be in the prize drawing. (He didn’t win, but he’s so much fitter!) 😉

To be in the drawing for one of three Fitbit trackers, walkers had to make it all the way to Valentine, NE (virtually). The prizes went to Kim Michael (Sonography), Tanya Custer (RSTE), and Sheila Williams (PA at UNK).

The Top 10 steppers were:

McGuire Kevin 1,061,816
Imhoff Marnie 1,004,021
Karst Greg 878,181
Latshaw Sandra 859,091
Fleer Sheila 849,430
Cardin Tamara 743,863
Jensen Jill 737,667
Custer Tanya 712,297
Finn Geri 696,880
Sleddens Nikki 676,764


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