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First IPE Wandering Word Challenge at UNK

Ryan Splittgerber, PhD, and Ellie Miller, two of our faculty at the UNMC Health Science Education Complex at UNK, played the Walking Word Challenge this week. With printers yet to be installed in the new building, however, they had to hand-draw the scrabble board!

To respect the intent of the game, which was to get people up and moving, they went to Kaylyn Rogers’ office to play. Their collaboration netted them 32 points, 10 short of the win by Sarah Frederick.

(Congrats for the second win in a row, Sarah, but don’t Ryan and Ellie deserve extra credit for ingenuity and interprofessional participation?) 😉

For those who may want to play the next round, here’s how the game works:

About once a week an email to CAHP faculty and staff will announce the location of the challenge game. Go there, fill out an entry and drop it in the box. Each challenge will be open for 24 hours. Winners will be announced via email.

  • Words with Friends rules and dictionary apply. Highest scoring word wins.
  • Using only the letters in the “tray” at the bottom of the board, add your word to the board.
  • Record your score, fill in your name/email, and drop your entry in the box.

Take a break, get away from your desk, stretch your legs AND your brain!

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