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Faculty present “flipped classroom” in Texas

Tanya Custer and Tammy Jones recently attended the Association for Educator’s in Imaging & Radiologic Sciences Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. While at the meeting, they were invited to give a presentation, “The Flipped Classroom Experience: Instructor & Student Perspectives.” The presentation focused on best practices for using the flipped classroom when teaching imaging science students, along with initial results of research conducted on student perceptions of the flipped classroom.

Custer held focus groups during the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters to gather data in regard to student beliefs and perspectives about the flipped classrooms in her Introduction to Radiation Physics course. The initial perceptions have been very positive in favor of the flipped classroom. In the end, one of the students summed it up pretty well by stating, “I enjoyed the fact that this class consisted of more than just sitting in class having information POUNDED into our heads…we were able to work together to learn.”

The presentation in San Antonio was well received by the imaging educators and has led to potential collaboration with other institutions for further research and sharing of ideas in regard to the flipped classroom approach within the radiologic technology community.

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