University of Nebraska Medical Center

Where on UNMC is Fran? …

Fran Higgins at BTH 3012

A cellphone selfie with Elephanto at the new digs.

No, it isn’t throwback Thursday. Elephanto is still wandering the halls of UNMC and has landed in Bennett Hall 3012. This is our new home for SAHP Communications.

Why do you need to know this? Please, see me first for all your brand and communications needs: fliers, programs, and publications, T-shirt/apparel designs, photos, social media, newsletters, website, BTH TV monitors, blog articles, and liaison with PR!

It’s a big office, so travel specialist, Virgie, will be joining us, soon. I think we’ll call our office TLC for TraveL and Communications. 😉

It’s sort of a mess right now, but once we’re squared away watch for an open house. And yes, there will be music and dancing.


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